Santa Cruz Temple of Venus

Located in Santa Cruz, California, this spiritual entity is a nonprofit intellectual and emotional celebration of the ancient Roman deity 'Venus'. (No it's not a sex club.)

This group concentrates on the documented study of the ancient Goddess Venus and how the ancient knowledge of those worshiping her can better our lives.

Venus is the Roman Goddess of love, beauty and more. People could pray to her to try to change the minds of others, and of government (reference.)

From a religious standpoint this temple is agnostic. No attempts at conversion please!

We request that all Venus related documentation that you share have academic level references. Information you get from ghosts while high doesn't count.

Venus is celebrated in a number of festivals, such as the Floralia, the Veneralia and the Lupercalia.

"The Temple of Venus" (the movie) was partly filmed on Santa Cruz Island (California) in 1923. This entity however has no direct relationship to it.

This Temple currently doesn't have a physical location but is interested in getting that. Meetings are periodic and currently held via Zoom.

2024 Santa Cruz Temple of Venus